How to Kill a Hummingbird

Watch this video to get the process started

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How to Kill a Hummingbird

Hi, I’m at the Digital Retailer’s Association event here with Ezra Firestone I want to do a quick video for my presentation on “How to kill a Hummingbird”.

I needed this quick video to put up on YouTube to give you guys a sample of how you are supposed to set up for the new Hummingbird update that is going to make is so much easier to do I got the coffee,

You can hear the music in the background.??Ezra just did a quick one-hour presentation?to?get everyone pumped up and then we are going to get going on a couple more of them the rest of the day.

I hate looking directly into the camera on a laptop. But, you are going to see this video up on YouTube in a few seconds. If you want to know how to kill a hummingbird take a look at this.

Would you like to know how to kill a Hummingbird? Download this PDF: How to Kill a Hummingbird